Rachel Lindsay Has Officially Been Cast As The First Black Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay, one of the last few women still vying for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor, has officially been cast as the first black Bachelorette.

In case you’re still watching Nick Viall cry over the six women left, this is a MAJOR spoiler alert, as Lindsay is one of the contestants still on the show. But according to Us Weekly, the announcement will be made on tonight’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, giving us reason to believe that Lindsay is one of the women to go home tonight.

Series creator  Mike Fleiss has been teasing the announcement on Twitter, writing that a “history-making announcement” would be made tonight on the late night show.

Since the first episode of this season of The Bachelor, Lindsay has been a frontrunner. Not only is she smart AF — SHE’S A DAMN LAWYER! — but the 31-year-old’s recent one-on-one proved Viall was totally into her. We’re not sure how their relationship went south so quickly, but we do know one thing — Lindsay deserves way better than Viall.

Chris Harrison agrees (kind of). In a recent interview with Us Weekly, he said that they would be “lucky” for Lindsay be the star of the next season of The Bachelorette.

“She would be incredible,” he said. “She’s incredibly smart, she’s sweet and caring yet strong and independent, obviously wicked smart and a lawyer and very accomplished, has a lot of attributes. That’s massively attractive to Nick, and it would be to any guy!”

Hell to the yes. Are you excited to see Rachel Lindsay be the new Bachelorette? Sound off in the comments below.

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