15 Times Anna Kendrick Was The Most Relatable Celebrity On Twitter

With the voice of an angel and the sense of humor of a teenage girl, Anna Kendrick has managed to make her way into all of our hearts. Kendrick rose to fame after Pitch Perfect blew up the box office and she has been one of Hollywood’s favorites ever since. Her musical gifts aren’t just limited to pop songs, which she proved by starring in The Last Five Years and Into the Woods. Her talent doesn’t stop there as her acting has landed her roles alongside Oscar winners like Ben Affleck and Meryl Streep.


While her movies are always on point, it’s not the characters that everyone loves Kendrick for. She has never been afraid to be herself in interviews or online. Kendrick has never censored her true thoughts on Twitter and we appreciate her for that. It’s nice to be reminded that celebrities have crazy thoughts they need to tweet just like the rest of us. Though her Twitter is always a laugh to go through, here are our top 15 Kendrick tweets.

1. When she understood how grief actually works.

Cookie dough and booze are always the solutions.

2. When she said what every DC Comics fan was thinking.

We’re still surprised they didn’t (fingers crossed for Justice League).

3. When she put into words what every introvert feels.

Imagine a world without the stress of talking to others. It’s a good thought.

4. When she proved that procrastination doesn’t end after college.

We’ve all been there. Thank God for leggings.

5. When she made sure everyone knew how much girls actually eat.

A true friend would never ask you to split your food, let alone your dessert.

6. When she understood how texting actually works.

If they get mad at you for not texting back immediately then don’t text them ever again. You don’t need that stress in your life.

7. When she proved that everyone drags Kanye, even celebrities.

Making fun of Kanye will never get old. Even Kanye drags Kanye sometimes.

8. When she summed up adulthood in one tweet.

Thank god for Tide pods.

9. When she has the same reaction to “Cups” as the rest of us.

We can never look at an empty cup the same way.

10. When she understood what every hungover person truly wants.

It’s been three years since she tweeted this and this service still doesn’t exist. Get it together America.

11. When she put into words what everyone thinks when watching HGTV.

Nothing says love better than two people wanting to live in two completely different neighborhoods.

12. When she summed up how every college student feels during finals.

There’s nothing worse feeling than being awake when the sun goes down and comes back up.

13. When she understood the shame that everyone goes through during the holiday season.

It’s totally worth it for that one night once a year guys.

14. When she hates herself just as much as we hate ourselves.

Try not to think about it too much Kendrick, that’s what we do.

15. Nothing will ever beat this tweet, ever.

There’s only one word to describe this tweet: iconic.

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