A Creighton University Student Stabbed A Girl In Her Dorm After He Was Forced To Take LSD By Frat Brothers

A Creighton University student is in custody after he stabbed a female student’s neck while under the influence of LSD.

Christopher Wheeler — also referred to as “Duke” by his friends — is said to be a friendly 19-year-old, but his behavior last Friday midnight was incredibly hostile. According to his friend Brittany Harner, Wheeler was acting out of character and it made her so nervous that she left and locked herself in her dorm room.

“It just didn’t make sense. (He) sounded really aggressive,” Harner, 19, said Monday. “I knew at that point it wasn’t Duke.”

That night he reportedly stabbed 18-year-old Teresa Spagna with a pocketknife while hanging out in a dorm room around 1 A.M. Saturday. According to authorities, things started after Wheeler entered a dorm room in Gallagher Hall looking for someone named Dana. When Spagna told him he was in the wrong room, he sat down on her bed and apologized for bothering her. Right before he left, he swung back around and cut her neck with his pocketknife.

He was treated at Creighton University Medical Center and released on Saturday. He since been charged with second-degree assault and use of a weapon to commit a felony.

On Monday Wheeler’s lawyer Matthew Burns said the student acted erratically because he was hazed by his Phi Kappa Psi fraternity brothers that night and forced to take LSD. The chaprter has since been suspended and the school is investigating the situation.

“We’re not going to be able to share anything,” Creighton spokesman Jim Berscheidt said. “This is an ongoing investigation and we won’t comment any further.”

He also had no memory of what happened with Spagna.

“I was completely taken off guard. He wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Susie Wheeler said, adding that her son had failed a “fraternity test” before the incident. He was not tested for drugs while booked in jail, but he was scheduled to be tested upon his release.

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