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This Girl Contracted A ‘Dead People’ Rash After A Tinder Date

Dead People Rash


You might not be looking for Prince Charming while swiping right on Tinder, but you’re definitely not looking for a terrifying STI either.

Jacqueline — also known as jaquezjaquezz on Twitter — recently divulged a Tinder horror story for the ages on Twitter. One of her friends went on a date with some guy she met on the dating app and came back with way more than leftovers and an awkward story to tell her friends about. Instead, she parted ways with a terrible skin disease post-hookup that can only be gotten from having sex with animals or dead people.

Good luck ever getting this story out of your head. We’ll let Jacqueline take it from here.

What the actual f*ck? IS THIS REAL OR ARE YOU JUST TRYING TO FREAK ME OUT? As if pregnancy and regular STDs weren’t enough to worry about, now singletons have to be on the lookout for necrophiliac Tinder dates?! Dating just keeps getting worse.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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