This Girl Sheds Her Shapewear To Promote Body Confidence On Instagram

When it comes to body image, self-love is always the way to go. Just ask Olivia, whose Instagram handle is @selfloveliv. Her social media sites document her recovery from an eating disorder and chronic self-harm. Her pictures scream “body positivity,” including this one:

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SPANX I bought some Spanx about a year ago, hoping it would slim my figure and I could wear body con dresses. Do you know how uncomfortable these things are 😂 breathing was not an option! I felt tight, uncomfortable and restricted in the first photo. The relief of taking them off was amazing!! Don't be fooled by campaign ads and TV shows and those fabulous insta models. Spanx are created to give the illusion of a flatter stomach and smaller figure. You don't NEED them. I feel totally fine in the second photo, and I can breathe again! You don't need an item of clothing in order to love yourself. You don't need to wear a tight piece of material in order to wear a dress or top. WEAR IT ANYWAY. You are FABULOUS. You are FLAWLESS. You are BEAUTIFUL. Don't let any fucker tell you otherwise. Love your damn self! ❤

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In the left image, she’s wearing shapewear to cover up. In the right image, they’re pulled down, exposing parts of her body. Olivia uses several images like these on her Instagram to show others that it doesn’t matter how you look. You are perfect the way you are, and you should embrace everything about yourself.

For Olivia, it’s all about comfort. She says she couldn’t breathe while wearing shapewear. She says they felt “tight, uncomfortable, and restricted.” She went on to say she doesn’t need shapewear to feel good about herself. She’s fine with herself the way she is, and everyone should be.

It’s not just about clothes either. Olivia wants to remind people everywhere that you don’t need anything, shapewear or makeup, to be beautiful. Just be comfortable in your own skin.

That’s not to say Olivia was always this way, but she learned to love herself, and that’s what her Instagram is all about.

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