All The Things That Are Better Than Being In A Relationship On Singles Awareness Day

If you felt single AF yesterday, 1. You’re not alone. 2. You’re probably going to feel worse today.

I’m not sure what a**hole came up with Singles Awareness Day, (seems a bit redundant after Valentine’s Day TBH), but before you contemplate your own death, think about all of the benefits of not being in a relationship. Seriously. If scoring free drinks at the bar and not shaving as often means that I don’t have someone to chill with while I Netflix, I think I’ll survive. Plus, I’d be wayyy more broke if the guy across the street at the bodega didn’t flirt with me and give me free breakfast on the reg.

Singles Awareness Day literally shortens to S.A.D., but it doesn’t have to be. Gather your girls and celebrate, because the single life, especially in NYC, is a damn dream. Not so convinced? Here’s a little reminder of everything better than having a significant other:

1. TFW you walk by a store with air conditioning in the middle of summer.

Via Giphy

2. Shamelessly spending an entire weekend in bed binge watching whatever you want because it’s your life and you totally can.


3. Snuggling with your dog, who will always love you, never judges you, listens to your deepest, darkest secrets and entertains you for hours.

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4. Booking a vacation to wherever you want to go because you don’t answer to anyone.

Via Giphy

5. After a long, stressful day at work, you can light your favorite candles and get the entire tub to yourself. Holla! 



^^ Currently obsessed with these. How freaking cute are they? Plus, the smell AMAZING. #ShamelessPlug

6. Cooking dinner and having leftovers… or just eating all of it. No sharing.

Michelle Full House Gif

7. Buying something you don’t necessarily need, but you didn’t dish out money for a V-Day gift, sooo get it girl.

Carrie Bradshaw

8. Not shaving as often.


9. Hearing a good comeback directed at the person you hate.


10. Just knowing that Ryan Gosling exists.

Ryan Gosling

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