People Are Freaking Out Over This Video Of A Woman Confronting Her Cheating Ex

On Wednesday night, The Scene posted a video to its site called #HurtBae: Why Did You Cheat? The video, which features a girl named Kourtney asking her ex-boyfriend Leonard why he cheated on her, gained a ton of attention on Twitter. And honestly, after watching it, we could totally understand. After asking Leonard how many times he cheated on her — to which he nonchalantly responded with, “I wasn’t keeping count” — she was heartbroken and so were we. To say the conversation is intense is an understatement.

Check it out:

We’ll admit it — we teared up just watching this. Kourtney’s pain is so real and deep, and Leonard’s cold demeanor just makes it worst. Twitter seemed to agree.

Also me. But rest assured knowing that Kourtney has since been moved on with a guy who actually treats her well.

As for Leonard, we have no idea where the f*ck he is and we really don’t care. Bye!

[H/T: Refinery29]