This Girl’s Parents Believe She Was Kidnapped Into Sex Slavery While At The MGM Hotel In Las Vegas

Sarah Dunsey was last seen at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas on January 15, 2017. Now her parents, who believe she was taken against her will and forced into sex slavery, are making an emotional plea via YouTube to obtain any information about her whereabouts.

The 17-year-old had traveled to Las Vegas from her family h0me in Utah with a group of friends at the time of her disappearance and the last text message she sent is absolutely chilling. “If I die tonight it’s a guy named—,” she wrote to her family, who redacted the man’s name so as not to tip him off that they are looking for him.

Sarah Dunsey Missing Person Poster

In the video posted to YouTube on Friday, February 17, Sarah’s desperate family ask people that may have any information to come forward. “This is my absolute worst nightmare,” her mother, Amie Dunsey said. “We need Sarah home. I cannot wonder where she is and if she is safe. Please help us find her.”

Her mother and father then go on to speak directly to Sarah: “Sarah… this message is for you: I want you to fight. Because I need you, all of us need you. The world needs you, so fight. We are coming to get you.”

Sarah’s aunt, Leah Hullinger, told a news outlet that the entire Dunsey family is doing everything they can to find the missing teen, but their chances of finding her diminishes each day she remains missing. “All of this information is pointing to Sarah being held against her will and being trafficked and exploited,” Hullinger said.

Watch the emotional “Help Us Find Sarah Dunsey” video below and please share to help spread awareness about her missing persons case.

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