5 Things To Know About Scott Pruitt, The New Head Of The E.P.A.

Despite the blatant opposition, Scott Pruitt  was just announced as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. His decisions are crucial to the future of regulations concerning climate change and access to clean water, and consumption of the federal budget. Much of his influence could sway how much authority the agency could, and will, hold. Here are five facts you need to know about the man heading up the EPA.

1. He previously served as Attorney General.

Elected the AE of Oklahoma in 2010, Pruitt focused on fighting corruption and improving safety measures to reduce crime rates. He established Oklahoma’s first federalism unit in order to oppose overreach by the federal government.

2. Pruitt is a Republican politician.

During his years in office, he has advocated against abortion rights, gay marriage, and the Affordable Care Act.

3. He was narrowly elected by the Senate.

It’s no secret that he’s opposed by Democrats’, who called to delay the vote until the release of documents concerning his relationship with gas and oil companies. A lawsuit was filed against him earlier this month, claiming that he violated Oklahoma’s open records law. It’s alleged that he failed to respond to nine open records seeking communication between himself and major fossil fuel companies. However, a judge has ordered for the emails to be released in the coming week.

4. Pruitt was previously involved with the EPA.

Pruit opposed the EPA throughout his career. He sued the agency a total of 13 times in attempts to block major environmental rules and cut down on its authority. He’s also a climate change denier. “We don’t know the trajectory, if it is on an unsustainable course,” he once said in a statement. “Nor do we know the extent by which the burning of fossil fuels, man’s contribution to that, is making this far worse than it is.”

5. He’s backed by energy companies.

For more than a decade, Pruit received $300,000+ in contributions from fossil fuel companies. Players have donated to his fundraising groups and have even covered some of his vacations, yet little was spent on elections.

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