In Honor Of National Wine Day, Here Are The 10 Craziest ‘Real Housewives’ Moments

There are some elements of life in which an underbelly of insanity resides. Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise is one of those things. Luckily the reality show is much less sinister than the silent, hidden craziness of something like the black market or who actually killed Tupac, but every scene is a boiling pot of insanity just waiting to spill over and explode.

The truth is, each Real Housewives show is at its best when the pot does go the hell off. The buildup is worth it and the climax is always even better than anyone could’ve ever imagined. As long as wine is thrown, tears are shed and harsh words are exchanged, it’s a fascinating trainwreck of a show.

Erika Jayne

Some moments are better and even more memorable than others. There are tons of amazing scenes from each of the housewives, but here are 10 of our faves, in no particular order. Feel free to let us know which episodes are your top picks for the craziest in the history of the Real Housewives.

1. Obviously, the iconic table flip.


Teresa was always slightly unsettling, but it only took one bitchy and sarcastic comment (“Pay attention, puh-lease!”) from Danielle for Tree to utter the words heard ’round the world. Our fave line? “YOU PROSTITUTION WHORE!!!!”

2. When Ashlee literally snatched Danielle Staub.


This was amazing because everyone assumed Teresa or someone else would get to her first. Resident wild child Ashlee just had to have her moment.

3. And when Porsha literally dragged Kenya.


Obviously, violence is never the answer but damn if Kenya didn’t try her best to test Porsha. Even Andy was shook.

4. The emotional confrontation of Kyle and Kim in the limo.


This moment felt extremely “real” in a show that can come across as a bit staged. It marked a turning point for the show, particularly in its treatment of Kim’s addiction and Kyle’s sorrow for her sister.

5. When Tamra threatened Jeana Keough with a “cyst and deceased letter” and threw wine on her.


WHY did nobody appreciate Tamra’s amazing slip-up here? It’s a cease and desist letter, people. We miss crazy Tamra.

6. “The only thing artificial about me…. IS THIS!”


7. The only time Real Housewives of Miami was anything beyond mind-numbingly boring.


Picture the opposite of rooting for something and you’ll get exactly how we felt about the Real Housewives of Miami. Adriana and Joanna’s brutal brawl was an amazing climax to an otherwise snooze-worthy season.

8. When Kim and Nene went on the tour bus ride from hell.


Say what you will, Nene Leakes is made for creating memorable one-liners. Kim’s fear was palpable in this scene and though Nene wasn’t exactly in the right, it was still shockingly satisfying to see her call out Atlanta’s resident villain.

9. Lisa Rinna’s exorcism.


Lisa Rinna was rightfully angry about Kim’s mention of her husband, but nobody predicted she would take it this far. The best part of this scene came before the glass throwing with Kim’s infamous question: “Why don’t you have a piece of bread and maybe you’ll calm down?”

10. Every single time Kelly Dodd appeared anywhere at all.


As much as we’ll miss Heather, we can’t help but feel a guilty glee that all systems seem to be a go on keeping around Kelly Dodd and her tradition of pure madness.

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