Katy Perry & CoverGirl Are Teaming Up To Create A Mermaid-Inspired Makeup Line

Katy Perry has gone through life rocking a variety of bold looks and creative aesthetics. From pastel hair to radiant rainbow eyeshadow, the singer is just getting started… And it doesn’t seem like there’s a limit when it comes to her style.

After releasing her new single “Chained to the Rhythm,” she’s also launching something new for her dedicated fans and makeup lovers. According to PopSugar, the popstar is teaming up with CoverGirl once again and creating a new makeup line dedicated and totally inspired by mermaids. Being the face of the brand for years, Perry is the perfect person to help develop the quirky concept.

The collection will include four new eyeliners, four lipstick shades and two shadow and highlighter sets.

Perry gave PopSugar all of the details. “There are new fun and cheerful colors ranging from peachy Apricat to a Bluetiful lip, shimmery highlighters in rose and gold, and a pop of Whispurr white or Purmaid green to line your eyes,” Perry said. She also mentioned that she “put glitter in the black liners,” for a classier, but fun look. From what it seems, this collection will definitely make Ariel jealous.

Katy Perry's Mermaid Makeup Line

Perry’s mermaid makeup line will be launched on Covergirl’s website in early March and hit store shelves in April.

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