After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend, This Guy Graded His Ex’s Apology Letter

Breakups suck, but not if you handle them like Nick Lutz. The man is going viral after his ex-girlfriend sent him an apology letter taking blame for their breakup, but instead of giving her the forgiveness she was looking for, he graded the letter and handed it back to her. You can imagine how badly this went.

The two-page letter was covered in red pen and got a D- with a note that read, “Long intro, short conclusion, short hypothesis but nothing to back it up. Details are important. If you want to be believed, back it up with proof. You claim that cheating never occurred but place blame on yourself — then what for? Need to stop contradicting your own story and pick a side. While this gesture is appreciated I would prefer details over statements. Revision for half credit will be accepted.”

OuchHere’s the full letter:

The now-viral tweet has gotten a ton of response from fellow tweeters, with some praising Lutz for his savagery and others saying he went easy on her.

He even got a date out of it.

Nick Lutz TweetsLooks like Nick is gonna be just fine.

High Five

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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