If You’re $25K In Debt, Millennials Aren’t Interested In Dating You

For anyone who graduated with student loans, be forewarned — it’s going to be hard for you to find love, according to science.

In a new survey from CentSai, a financial wellness community, researchers found that out of 2,000 individuals aged 25-24, being $25,000 or more in debt is a “relationship deal-breaker.” The findings are pretty hilarious, considering how college tuition is continuously on the rise. Honestly, who isn’t $25k in debt?

Not Me

Luckily, there’s still some hope for millennials looking for love. Researchers claim that 25% of respondents admitted that “it would be a deal breaker if their partner had the same amount of debt as them–regardless of the amount.” Even better, about 63% of participants would be more forgiving if the debts were from student loans.

So what have we learned here? Regardless of attractiveness and charm, debt has a huge impact on how you’re perceived in the dating game. It reflects how responsible you are with your finances and speaks volumes about long-term commitment. Fourteen percent of participants said that debt caused a significant decrease in sexual attraction, while 65% said their partner’s debt is extremely important when choosing a life-long partner.

“As a Gen Xer, I don’t remember debt ever being a deal-breaker in a relationship. Love and money were not interlinked,” said Doria Lavagino, the CentSai co-founder and president. “But many millennials are saddled with so much debt that they are forced to be more pragmatic about it in their relationships.”

Money is a huge strain on building and maintaining relationships, so it comes as no surprise that couples are suffering due to debt. But come on, people! Everyone has debt. You can’t turn down a George Clooney because he’s paying off his school loans, can you?! As J Lo. says, my love don’t cost a thing and I won’t be scared off unless you’re wearing crocs. Keep the love flowing and refrain from asking about debt until you’re more serious. Ignorance is bliss!


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