SkinnyMint Teatox Photoshopped Their Products Into This YouTuber’s Photos Without Permission

Celebrity endorsements on social media are ubiquitous, but how many of them are actually legitimate?

YouTube and Instagram star Pia Muehlenbeck is calling out detox tea company SkinnyMint Teatox after they reportedly photoshopped their products into several of her photos without permission. Not only is it wrong, but their photoshopping skills are truly horrifying.

Muehlenbeck outed the company on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

LOL so natural SkinnyMint Teatox. In another photo, Muehlenbeck can be seen drinking tea on a bed with a bag of detox tea snuggled under her leg.

“Here’s another photo that @SkinnyMintCom have stolen and photoshopped (very badly) their tea in to place,” she wrote in a tweet.

In several follow-up posts, Muehlenbeck told followers that she wanted to call out the brand without giving them the attention they clearly crave.

“I want to call them out on my Instagram stories but don’t want to give them the publicity. Unfortunately, they would probably actually get more sales if I made this IP theft more public,” she wrote. “Imagine if I started photoshopping SLINKII yoga pants on to girls wearing other brands. Such a stupid business choice [sic].”

The photos have since disappeared from SkinnyMint Teatox’s Instagram feed, but they have yet to address the accusations publicly. We have a feeling they never will.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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