Twitter Is Warmly Embracing Diverse Couples With The Hashtag #PoCInLove

Valentine’s Day may be over, but people are still celebrating love. Lovebirds have been giving their SOs a special shout out with the hashtag #PoCInLove. Twitter users have been posting collages with their baes in the trending social media tag, and the results are much more beautiful than V-Day candy and roses.

The Twitter account @PoCBeauty first created the hashtag last year and brought it back just in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. This news comes on the heels of Rachel Lindsay being announced as the first black lead of The Bachelorette and, in light of the recent political and social climates, is something that feels particularly timely for media exposure..

The page was made to celebrate the beauty of diverse people of color but since the hashtag was revived, the account has been retweeting collages of happy couples.

The hashtag was well-received and couples of all ethnicities and sexualities have submitted their own cute pics. The owner of @PoCBeauty told Buzzfeed that she was inspired to create the hashtag after seeing romance novels that solely portrayed heterosexual white couples. This isn’t just common in editorial but also in the film industry.

“There’s not many stories out there about couples who are Arab and black or Filipino and Mexican or just black and black or Asian couples,” she said. “There’s really nothing about poly and LGBTQ+ couples that are people of color either.”

“People don’t realize when you’re not included in mainstream representation, you create your own representation,” she said. “Hence how I started my page.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us are like…

Our best wishes to all of these couples, each redefining #relationshipgoals.

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