These Are The Hot Models Who Rescued Those Kids In Central Park

This past Monday night, seven teenagers were seen at Central Park treading steadily on the ice-covered pond in the hopes of taking an epic photo. But once one of the kids took a slip and fell, the ice cracked, causing the rest of the crew to fall, each plummeting down into the freezing pond.

“We were going to take a picture on the ice,” 13-year-old Kevin McQueen told CBS2, “and then one of my friends slipped, and once he fell, we all fell in the water.”

Luckily, in the midst of casually skateboarding around New York’s most famous park, male models Jonas Bennett and Ethan Turnbull spotted the children struggling to find safety in the middle of the pond. Immediately the two went into hero-mode and led the kids out of the frozen pond and onto land. “It was all a matter of ‘right place at the right time’ for the two of us,” Turnbull said while the two appeared on Good Morning America. “I said to Bennett, ‘Look, man, there’s some kids over there on the ice. Within the time it took me to say that to Bennett and look back, the ice had actually broken because they came together to take a photo.”

“The adrenaline was so crazy; I don’t think either of us really realized how cold we were until after it all kind of subsided,” Bennett added. They described the moment as “chaotic,” because of the “brutal” temperature of the pond while rescuing the children and teenagers. While six of the individuals fell into the water, they were all taken to nearby hospitals with minor hypothermia-related injuries, according to CBS2.

Good job, boys. This is like Baywatch but colder. We’re down to tune in any night as long as these two are the stars.

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