Bachelor Villains Chad Johnson & Corinne Olympios Finally Met

The sole reason we’re still watching The Bachelor is to see what Corinne Olympios will do next. Aside from having a nanny who cooks her cheese pasta at the age of 24, this season’s Bachelor villain has no problem interrupting girls’ one-on-ones or trying to seduce the incredibly awkward Nick Viall before reaching the Fantasy Suites. She’s a real gem, to say the least, and if producers know anything about anything, they will make sure she’s on Bachelor in Paradise alongside our other favorite reality TV villain: Bad Chad.

The two are truly a match made in hell, and they NEED to get together. Luckily an Instagram photo posted to Chad Johnson’s account has us thinking it’s actually a possibility. Last night, Johnson posted a pic of him hanging out with Corinne and Olivia Caridi, that girl Ben Higgins’ left on an island alone.

In case you forgot:

Olivia Caridi Naturally, the three bonded.

“We’re just misunderstood 😃 Team Olichorinne @oliviacaridi @colympios,” he wrote.

While Caridi has cleaned herself up and stepped away from the reality TV franchise, we’re sure Corinne and Chad will be hanging around the pool and starting drama in the new season of Bachelor in Paradise.

This week, Corinne told Ellen DeGeneres that the two have been friends for some time now. “Chad and I talk. Like, we chat,” she explained. “He’s really cool. Great guy, so nice. [He has] my back, like [he tells me]: ‘Don’t worry about what other people say, I think you’re awesome.'”

OMG DO WE SENSE A LOVE CONNECTION??!?! God I hope so. This season of The Bachelor has been painfully boring and we need Chad Johnson to bring us the entertainment we’ve been deprived of. A girl can dream, right?

Chad Johnson

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