This 2-Year-Old Works Out More Than We Do

Danielle Jones has the best workout buddy in the world — her adorable 2-year-old daughter.

The former personal trainer says that after she gained 54 lbs. during her pregnancy, she was determined to get her shape back. But since she was breastfeeding, cutting back calories and amping up her workouts wasn’t really an option.

“I had to remind myself that when you have a child, at times they are going to have to come first,” she says, adding that in those situations, her milk stores would deplete. But when her daughter Honor turned 10 months old, she got back to her old ways. She worked out five times during the week and ate six meals a day to keep her metabolism on the move. To make things more fun, she worked out next to her daughter.

“I would do it next to her while she was playing with her toys, and she would laugh,” Danielle explained. “I couldn’t wait for her to get to an age at which she could actually work out with me.”

At one year old, Honor asked her mom to help her use the pull-up bar and the rest is history.

“I put her up there not thinking she’d do anything, but she hung for almost one minute. I couldn’t believe she could hold her weight for that long,” Danielle said. Eventually, she began to encourage Honor to workout alongside her. Now, she’s part of all of her mom’s workouts.

“Some days she’s very focused, and other days her dolls have to do all the exercises first,” Danielle said. “If we are getting ready for bed, and didn’t work out that day, she’ll remind me.”

Could this be any more adorable?

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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