This 5-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Is Being Targeted By Terrible Twitter Trolls

Bradley Lowery is a 5-year-old boy fighting neuroblastoma, a very rare cancer that targets the adrenal glands. He has been battling the aggressive disease for quite some time, and just the other day his parents made the heartbreaking announcement that he was diagnosed with another tumor.

“Bradley’s consultant has had a look at the images and give us some information but we will have to wait for the official results,” Bradley’s family wrote in an emotional Facebook post. “Unfortunately the results are not what we wanted to hear. Bradley scans show that there has been a small reduction in some parts however there is a new tumour on the bottom of his back.”

The post continued, “As you can imagine we are devastated and heartbroken with this news as I really wanted the new treatment to work… Why is life so cruel? Why do we have to get bad news time after time? Why does my baby not get a break?”

What should have been received by empathetic strangers was instead singled out by heartless Twitter trolls.

Earlier this morning a tweet from Lowery’s account detailed the unexpected bullying the little boy received online. “We have seen a lot of trolling about Bradley, it’s a shame we have to read it as it’s not like we have enough going on #hurtful.”

In a follow-up message, the tweeter wrote, “On a positive note, thank you to all that support Brad and his fight. Your encouragements and support gets us through the bad days #grateful.”

So what’s the message in reference too? It looks like Lowery’s account is being bombarded by trolls of opposing soccer teams. According to The Sun, the little boy was invited by the Football Association to be a mascot for England’s match against Lithuania in a World Cup qualified on March 26, and was already a mascot for Everton. He was also invited to the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Show. Now, people are zeroing in on his love of soccer.

Luckily Lowery’s mentions boasts more positive messages than negative ones, and his supporters are trying to get accounts like the ones above banned. At this point, it’s the least they deserve — what kind of a**hole goes after a kid with cancer?

Stay strong Bradley! We’re all behind you.

[H/T: The Sun]

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