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Celebrate National Pancake Day With Delicious Pancakes


This year, National Pancake Day falls on February 28th. It is a day to showcase hotcakes all over the world and all manners of preparing them. The day always seems to change, but an easy way to remember it is that it always precedes Ash Wednesday. With fasting season right around the corner, today is the perfect time to gorge yourself on the staple breakfast meal.

It goes without saying that pancakes are loved all over the world, but it’s the art created in the stack that should be most admired. With pancake art your options are limitless, especially if you try adding food dye for pops in color. Even famous actors have tried their hand at making beautiful works of art on the griddle.

Between the Olney Pancake Race — where competitors are expected to flip a pancake mid-race — and enthusiasts who want to show off their skills with their culinary art, there’s no reason why Pancake Day isn’t celebrated by the entire world. Check out the above photos for the coolest pancake art around.


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