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LISTEN: Lorde’s Long-Awaited New Single ‘Green Light’ Is Here


Praise the Lorde, one of our fave artists is officially back.

After a long wait for new music from the young New Zealand-native, Lorde, born Ella Yelich-O’Conner, “Green Light” has officially dropped. The single was teased via a mysterious website and several clips of Lorde featuring vocals and beats in a lush, vibrant setting.

The song sets a slightly new tone for the extremely successful 20-year-old. Its dance influence and new lyrical themes mark a departure from her previous works. Her next album, Melodrama, promises to continue with these changes.

She came to fame with “Royals” and then stayed at the top of the charts with tons of artistic and innovative collabs, while also forging friendships with Taylor Swift and become a regular in the headlines for her grace. Eventually, it kind of seemed as though Lorde had fallen off of the face of the planet, but she admitted that she was taking a moment for self-exploration before appearing again as a New Yorker.

Obviously, she learned enough about herself to create new music with a single that doesn’t disappoint. In classic Lorde fashion, her songs will most likely dominate Spotify party playlists for the summer to come.

Listen to “Green Light” on Spotify

The latest from Lorde is available on Spotify for registered users.

Listen to “Green Light” on iTunes

The track is available for purchase on iTunes for Apple users.

Listen to “Green Light” on Google Play

For Android users, you can purchase the single on Google Play.

“Green Light” single cover

“Green Light” music video

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