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This Student Used Her Breakup As An Excuse To Get Out Of A Paper

Rachel Harriman email professor response


When it comes to college, deadlines are every student’s nightmare. Professors take deadlines seriously, sometimes too seriously. And if you hand in an assignment late, there is a 0.001% chance your professor will let it slide. Most of the time, they’ll just slam a big, fat F on your record.

Luckily for this Ohio State University student, her excuse for handing in an assignment late persuaded her professor to let it slide.

So unfair, right?

But before we start cursing the world for the heartless professors we have, the excuse 19-year-old Rachel Harriman used wasn’t just any BS that came to her mind, it was the cold hard truth. Her boyfriend dumped her the day before her synopsis was due and she wasn’t able to focus on her work. Like any other human dealing with a breakup, it can distract your mind from doing anything else.

Rachel decided to let her professor know that she was distracted and unable to complete the assignment.

The best part: “This will obviously not happen again, as I am no longer ‘in a relationship’ and will have no one to break up with me next Sunday.”

We feel you, girl.

Student's Excuse For Late Assignment

Even better was her professor’s response, which was totally priceless.

Student's Excuse For Late Assignment

Rachel Harriman

After she posted her email on Twitter, Harriman’s tweet instantly went viral and everyone had something to say to cheer her up. Some even offered to be her boyfriend. But seriously, who’s the coward that dumped her for no reason?

Congrats, Rachel! You’ve officially found the best professor ever. As for everyone.

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