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Our Miss COED 2017 Finalists Got Cute AF Bags From Solo, Anddd I Wish I Was In College Again


Our Miss COED 2017 finalists are all hard-working college students, which means they deserve awesome prizes. Each of our sponsors have been super generous this year, and Solo was no exception. Founded in the Big Apple, the company designs bags and cases for “people who know what they want and aren’t shy about demanding it.” Amen!

Each of our 14 finalists were able to choose whatever bag they wanted (jealous!), and TBH, they chose some good ones. These ladies are always on the move and picked bags that reflect their busy lifestyles. Whether they’re hiking, going to class, or heading to their internship, each bag reflects their personality and they’re all cute AF.

Click through the gallery above, and don’t forget to choose a bag of your own! I mean, how can you resist?!

This post is sponsored by Solo, a sponsor of Miss COED 2017

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