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These Futuristic Headphones Will Boost Your Productivity


You know how it’s impossible to concentrate when you’re studying? Especially when it’s for your midterms or finals? Well, thankfully for college students everywhere, there’s finally a solution to your procrastination woes. Mindset teamed up with Onyko to launch a Kickstarter for a pair of headphones that will keep you focused. How? By letting you know when you’re veering off course and need to take a break.


In short, the headphones measure brain activity by using EEG sensors along the inner band. When users’ attention starts to wane, they’re alerted and prompted to refocus. Over time, their brain will begin to recognize such distractions on their own, leading them to also be able to refocus when necessary. The science also benefits people diagnosed with ADHD and Olympic figure skaters, who use it to enhance their creativity. As if that’s not cool enough, they’re also used by NASA as a part of their astronaut training program.

“Our attention is constantly being pulled between our phones vibrating, distractions on the internet, and endless to do lists that result in spending more time trying to work than actually working,” said Mindset Co-Founder Jacob Flood. “We wanted to create something that would work with us, instead of against us.”


Not only are they super handy for work and studying, but they can also be used in your regular day-to-day life. They are equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, noise cancellation and super soft ear cups so they are mega comfy. Plus  they look great – huge bonus.

Interested in getting a pair? Check out their Kickstarter. You can currently get a pair for about 190 bucks instead of the retail price of $349.

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