Toddler Nearly Dies After Freak Hot Tub Accident

Isabella Floyd toddler


British toddler Isabella Floyd is in critical condition after a relaxing family vacation gone wrong. Isabella and her mother Nicola were staying at the Admiral Hotel in Zlatni Piasatzi when the two decided to take a relaxing dip in the resort’s hot tub. What happened next is unbelievable and completely heartbreaking.

Just as the two were settling into the water, Isabella’s bottom unexpectedly got sucked into the hot tub’s filter. While Nicola frantically pulled her daughter from the filter, the force of the filter proved to be stronger. It wasn’t until the hotel lifeguard manually turned the hot tub off that Isabella was set free.



“She started screaming. There was no lid on the filter. She didn’t go under water. I was holding her. She never cried, she was just in shock,” Nicola said.

Although Isabella is alive, she suffered from significant damage to her bowels and her stomach was sucked out by the hot tub’s filter. She is currently in intensive care in a hospital near the Black Sea Resort of Varna, where surgeons have operated on her twice and removed part of her intestine. She was reportedly put into an artificial coma as she continues to fight for her life.

Isabella’s heartbroken mother told Metro, “She is my only child – it took me three years to get pregnant with her.”

Doctors are currently working tirelessly to save Isabella’s life. We’re thinking of Isabella and hoping she pulls through.

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