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This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Best Picture Nominees Posters & Now We Want to See Them More


Finally, someone is using their Photoshop powers for good.

The Oscars are over, and let’s be honest: most of the Best Picture nominees won’t be on our radar for much longer. (Seriously, has anyone seen Hell or High Water?)

A Reddit user called Gmadjar has some serious Photoshopping skills, and he proved it by editing himself into the movie posters of the nine top movies of the year – according to The Academy, at least.

Now these we will remember.

The results are nothing short of gold, launching him to the top page of Reddit on Tuesday night.

It’s all there: watching/judging Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s dance moves for La La Land, feeding the birds behind the Manchester by the Sea stars, and walking alongside the ladies of Hidden Figures.

There’s nothing else to explain until you take a look for yourself.

Usually when I write about Photoshopping, it’s because some model is accused of editing her Instagram photos or some magazine photo editor didn’t get a second opinion and cut someone’s arm off. Telling the tale of Photoshop done right is an absolute pleasure.

Probably busy watching puppy videos on Instagram.