Lily Collins Opens Up About Being In Abusive Relationship In New Book ‘Unfiltered’

We know all about Lily Collins’ success as both an actress and a model. And even if you haven’t heard about her, surely you know her musician father: Phil Collins. Lily Collins has a long history of filmography, ranging from her role in the 2009 film The Blind Side to the 2016 release of Rules Don’t Apply. She’s earned multiple awards over the years and is a well-respected advocate for anti-bullying organizations like the Bystander Revolution.

What you might not know about Lily Collins is that she once struggled with an emotionally abusive relationship.

Her most recent project took the form of a book rather than a movie. Unfiltered is a collection of essays that reveal stories and tidbits from Collins’ past. Within its pages, you’ll learn that the lovely actress’ life was not always filled with laughter. She once struggled with things like an abusive relationship and an eating disorder.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Collins explained in fuller detail about why she wrote Unfiltered. In response to the question of whether she had any hesitance when writing the book, Collins responded in kind:

“Being in an emotionally abusive relationship. I never regretted it, but I felt ashamed. I thought, How could I put myself in that position? I came to a deeper understanding as I was writing. It’s taking the shame out of those things that makes you stronger… That experience really helped me go more in-depth with it in the book. I came to a real acceptance of myself. Writing this was definitely the most difficult thing I’ve done to date, but at the end, it was the most gratifying.

The scariest thing about a bad experience might be accepting that it happened and both you and those around you can move forward. Lily Collins expected her fans to be angry at her abuser, so she cautioned, “Please don’t speculate, jump to conclusions, target or blame anyone you think may have been involved… It’s not healing or helpful. My intent in writing this book was not to point fingers.”

Even as a child, Collins was surrounded by the media trying to pry into her family’s private life. It comes as no surprise that she’s been silent about her past before. With the release of Unfiltered, all of the information she gives us is on her terms, which is the best for her. She deserves the world.

Lily Collins’ book Unfiltered is available for purchase today online and in bookstores.

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