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People Are Tweeting Their Most Successful Pick-Up Lines & The Bar Has Never Been Lower

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Pick-up lines have a long history of being made fun of, which makes sense because they usually somehow incorporate cringe-worthy puns. More often than not, people use pick-up lines more to make someone laugh than to pick them up at a bar. However, people on Twitter have been blowing up their feeds with #PickMeUpIn4Words along with their favorite and most successful pick-up lines.

The tweets range from hilarious to downright YIKES. We’re 90% sure people lie when they say these pickup lines would work on them, but we can’t deny that they’re hilarious. Maybe our standards have fallen due to the rise in hookup culture or maybe we all value a good laugh over a witty one-liner.

Here are some of our fave pick-up lines that stood out above the rest.

They know the key to our hearts.

Close enough.

The rare and elusive taco works every time.

Will you marry me?

IHOP will never betray you.

Technically they’re not lying.

Maybe they have candy?

What are your favorite pick-up lines?

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