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You may not be a believer, but that doesn’t matter to Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry. Only 21 years old, this clairvoyant medium is following in the footsteps of shows like Long Island Medium with his own successful series. After filming the first season in 2015, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry aired in 2016 and became the most successful non-spin-off unscripted show on E! since 2014. By the time his third episode aired, viewership clocked in around 3.2 million viewers.

Though there isn’t much out there about his finances, Henry has still been making bank.

Tyler Henry Net Worth 2018: Approx. $1.7 million

Henry’s talent gained him not only a successful E! series, but he sealed himself a book deal. In November 2016, his memoir Between Two Worlds was released. For the past few months, Henry has been going on tour with his book and also performing private readings. Season two of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry is currently airing on Wednesdays at 8:00 P.M. Henry was just signed on for another season, which will premiere in May.

Here are some things you should know about Hollywood’s youngest psychic.

1. He had a near death experience.


Henry essentially predicted his own health crisis. After having a headache for a few days, he told his mother that he believed his brain was swelling. Sure enough, he was soon hospitalized and had emergency brain surgery when he was 18.

2. He doesn’t just want to help celebrities get closure.

Henry told Out magazine that his goal is to work with parents who have lost children to suicide. “That’s something I’ve seen through clients and I’ve known people affected by suicide,” he said. “For me, that’s a huge subject and something that needs to be discussed more. A huge part of my work revolves around being an activist and being able to create a conversation.”

3. He has crossed over onto different E! shows.


Henry appeared during an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians while his own series was gaining traction. This may have just been a plug by E! to get more viewers for their new reality show, but either way, it was fun to see the sisters freak out. After his appearance on the Kardashians’ show, Henry did a private reading with Kris Jenner while Khloe listened in.

4. He has a very private personal life.


While Henry seems to know a lot about others lives, he keeps his own on the DL. Here’s what we know: Henry predicted his grandmother’s death minutes before they received the phone call that she had passed away. He has a puppy named Pearl and is an out gay man with a boyfriend. Other than that, his life is pretty much a mystery. We’re going to need our own psychic to learn more about this Hollywood medium.

5. He has read for over 50 celebrities.


Henry’s clientele ranges from Hollywood celebrities to fans. He is open to doing private readings and has gone on numerous talk shows like the Today Show. These shows often have him on and discuss the skepticism that follows his career. Henry has said in the past that he isn’t offended by those who don’t believe him.


Tyler Henry had an emotional break down when Tyler Henry talked about her brother’s death.

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