This Kid Ruining Her Dad’s Live TV Interview Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Robert E. Kelly Kid Video


Professor┬áRobert E. Kelly tried giving a live interview on BBC World News this morning, but his kids had other plans. Midway through his discussion about South Korea, his daughter — who looks to be 2-3 years old — barged in and immediately overshadowed him. Wearing a yellow sweater and a pair of sweet glasses, the she-devil opened the door to her father’s study and just started dancing. It was so funny that even the host of the show took note.

“I think one of your children just walked in,” he said biting back laughter and trying to stay on topic. The latter was already impossible, but once Kelly’s other kid teetered in, it was completely out of the question.

Kelly’s other child wheeled in with her walker, but the fun was ruined when his wife (or who we assumed was his wife) came in to drag them both out of the room. Seriously questioning whether or not I should have kids rn.

Check out the hilarious video below.

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