How Carolyn Harrington Can Help You Heal With Just One Photo

When you first feel ill, your instinct is probably to pop some vitamins, skip on going out and sleep it off. When your cold still doesn’t go away, you might consider setting up a doctor’s appointment. One option that might not come to mind is the idea of spiritual healing.

Carolyn Harrington, the founder of The Art of Healing with Carolyn Harrington and Maty’s Healthy Products, is a spiritual healer and certified holistic health practitioner who performs evaluations by tapping into your spiritual energy. She’s hoping to add spiritual healing to the list of priorities when it comes to getting well.

From physical to mental to spiritual health, there are so many different components to maintaining one’s well-being. What’s more important is that they’re all interrelated and dependent on one another in order to make sure you’re staying happy and healthy. We talked to Carolyn about the art of spiritual healing and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

Harrington first became involved in this art when she had her daughter, who was born with heart defects and had multiple open heart surgeries all before the age of five years old. Soon after her daughter’s birth, Harrington was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

I’m an engineer by background, so I had to help her and myself,” Harrington said. “I began to research natural ways to become healthy, involving old-time remedies. Your generation understands not being dependent on doctors and focusing on natural ways. Your body knows how to heal, and this is what I’m trying to teach people.” Through spiritual healing, 16 years later, Harrington has mastered this art and organically healed her arthritis.

Some may associate spiritual healing with psychics and palm readings, but Carolyn emphasizes how spiritual healing has a scientific and less predictive basis. She says, “More of what I do is based on quantum physics. Our health is like an onion. Through the years, you’ve been piling on layers of disease from coming in contact with different things. In the evaluation, I look at the outermost layer of health. As we strip away these layers of disease, we’ll get to see the root cause.”

How exactly do evaluations work? Carolyn has about 500 water-filled vials for physical health, another 100 for disease-causing agents, more for nutritional elements and another set focused on emotion. Carolyn figures out which vials resonate with an individual’s energy and analyze one’s health weaknesses. All she needs is a ‘witness,’ whether it be a photo of an individual or even a recording of their voice.

As soon as I understood how simple it was, I knew I wanted to get an evaluation of my own done. Though originally apprehensive about how the process worked, I found Carolyn to be accurate as I received more insight about food sensitivities of mine, one of which I had not considered before. She acknowledged not only my current physical health but also my emotional health. Hearing this information aloud from another party made me that much more aware that we need to take preventative measures and integrate beneficial changes into our daily lives. The first step is receiving awareness about our bodies and how we can change for the better.

Harrington’s most recent revelation was a correlation between one’s evaluation and their age. She states, “When people come to me, they’re usually sick. For those that are younger and healthier, they’re not coming to me about a physical problem. A lot of emotions come up, which is tied in with disease. Emotions come up first and if you don’t take care of them, they will manifest into a disease. If an environment of yours is negative, it’s a mirror of the inside. Vibrations attract things.

Lastly, Carolyn says, “I’m hopefully empowering you to seek ways of energy healing for yourself. Hopefully, you’d come to my blog or find ways of healing on your own. We all have a higher self and a way to tap into our higher knowledge. I want to peak interests in energy healing, showing people that they can do it for themselves.”

Spiritual healing is something we can all work towards every day, and *bonus* it doesn’t require shelling out stacks of money for incessant appointments and checkups that may not always bring out a solution. Sometimes the best solution doesn’t just involve vitamins and sleep. It can also begin within.