You Won’t Believe What Was Revealed During ‘After The Final Rose’

Tonight Nick Viall proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi, a 29-year-old special education teacher from Canada. Honestly, we were disappointed — we were #TeamRaven all the way — but we were also excited to see WTF happened after the final rose was given out.

A week prior to tonight’s episode, producers teased a historic After The Final Rose, with Chris Harrison calling it “a Bachelor first.” We’ve dissected the theories and came up with our own, but tonight, we heard what’s happening with Nick Viall months after his proposal to Vanessa. So what happened? Here’s what we know.

Vanessa accepted Nick’s proposal in Finland, and apparently things are still good. But things are even better for Raven (thank god). Raven came back to After The Final Rose to tell Nick Viall that she thought she was going to get engaged during the final episode. However, she still wishes the best to the new Bachelor couple and admits that she could see them married. The rest of America remains skeptical, but it’s nice to look on the bright side, right?! Harrison also hinted that Raven might be making an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise and we’re keeping our fingers crossed it’s legit.

When Vanessa came out, she openly admitted to experiencing relationship hurdles despite how perfect the cameras made things look. “We have a very open relationship, in terms of communication,” she told Chris Harrison. “We are very honest with each other… it’s been hard, we live in two different countries.”

She continued, “I love him, we love each other, but there have been days that are difficult.” While she says the transition into a real relationship came naturally, the distance is difficult.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t [scared],” Nick confided to Chris Harrison. “We’re still getting to know each other, that’s the reality.”

When asked if they were going to get married, Vanessa explained that they are “taking baby steps.” In other words, hell to the no. When Dancing With The Stars came up, Nick assured fans that Vanessa was super supportive of his decision.

Finally, Rachel Lindsay came out and the “historical After The Final Rose” moment was unveiled. The new Bachelorette met some of her suitors on live TV. The men were fiiiiinnneeeeee so we have a lot to look forward to.

After revealing four contestants, Chris Harrison swept Rachel off the stage. Honestly, we’re stoked to finally stop talking about Nick Viall and move onto Rachel Lindsay. BRING ON MAY!!!

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