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This Ohio Couple Faked A Gruesome Murder Scene Just To Get Money From A Relative Who Owed Them

Ohio Couple Fake Murder Photos


I’m sure there’s a ton of people out there who have relatives who owe them money, but to get it back, would you ever fake a murder scene? The mentally stable tend to lean towards “no,” but this Ohio couple just couldn’t help themselves. They created a gruesome murder scene as payback, and let’s just say it didn’t go over well.

Micah Risner, 29, and his fiancée Nataleigh Schlette created the scene by placing Schlette in a bathtub filled with ketchup (it was supposed to resemble blood) and placed a large knife beside her. The couple snapped a photo of the scene and sent it to Risner’s sister, who supposedly owed him money.

Ohio Couple Creates Fake Murder Scene To Get Money Back From Relative

Sandusky Police Department

The prank ended up having the couple charged with inducing panic after they sent the fake crime scene pictures to their family members.

‘They created a scenario in someone’s mind that something really bad happened,” police chief John Orzech said. “The lesson for them is that they have to be accountable for their actions.”

Ohio Couple Creates Fake Murder Scene To Get Money Back From Relative

Sandusky Police Department

While Risner sent the photo to his sister, he added: “Please help me! I really didn’t mean to. I don’t remember. We was arguing and I woke up to this.”

Then his panicked sister responded: “What the f*** is she dead Micah?? Answer me now!!”

Risner wrote back, “I woke up on the bathroom floor with blood on me. And her like that. I’m trying to clean. But I don’t know if I should.”

Ohio Couple Creates Fake Murder Scene To Get Money Back From Relative

Sandusky Police Department

Afterward, he asked her to come by and pick him up, to which she agreed. She also told Risner to delete their texts and throw his blood-stained clothes in a dumpster “far away.” His sister then mentioned to Risner that police were coming to investigate after one of their relatives called 911.

Police confirmed that several shaken relatives did report the murder after receiving the gruesome photo.

“It looked very real. It looked like someone had been murdered or could have been self-inflicted,” Orzech said. “You don’t know at the time, but if you look at the photo just getting it, it looks like a real crime scene incident.”

When police arrived, they found that Schlette was alive and well, but their bathtub was covered in ketchup.

Orzech told Daily Mail that the couple mentioned that Risner’s sister had apparently stolen money from them and the entire prank was a way of getting her to go to their house.

He described the entire situation as a very “bad joke.” Uh, we’d have to agree.

The couple pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday.

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