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This Baby Spa Will Make You Want To Be A Baby


Babies live the best lives. They nap at their leisure, they don’t have to pay bills, it’s socially acceptable for them to throw a tantrum when they’re hungry, and they get a ton of free things just because they’re cute. Now, they even have a freakin’ spa.

Yes, the Baby Spa is a thing, and the newest location can be found in Perth, Australia. According to Cosmopolitan, a typical session lasts about an hour and includes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of floating in a warm bath. Babies get to wear a special flotation device that secures around their neck and keeps their head above water, allowing for the rest of their body to soak up the suds. It’s actually the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen.

After a tough day, sometimes you just need to relax #spaday #babyspa #harri @julzmulligan

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We’re dying. So far facilities are open in the UK, Spain and South Africa, and a session can cost anywhere from $64 for an hour of floating with a group, to $250 for a private session.

It goes without saying that the treatments are extremely calming, but according to the spa, they’re also medicinal. “The sensation of floating in warm water puts babies completely at ease and can promote a number of key benefits,” the site explains, including muscular and skeletal strength, healthy digestive and circulatory systems, the increase of lung capacity, and the promotion of a healthy cardiovascular system.

Once babies are done floating, they’re wrapped in warm towels and given gentle massages with South African grape seed oil. Sadly the treatments are not offered to parents, but they do accompany their babies throughout the entire experience. Fingers crossed those zen vibes rub off on them. Now, next question — how do we revert back to being babies?

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