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Liam Payne Confirmed His Relationship With Cheryl In The Most Adorable Way Possible


For as high profile as the members of One Direction are, Liam Payne has been pretty private. The singer has been dating Cheryl, a British pop star, since early last year.

There were rumors for months about the couple expecting a baby but there were no official statements or confirmations made. Eventually, Cheryl confirmed through a pose in a photoshoot.

Liam opened up to Rollacoaster magazine about their relationship and how it feels to be with someone he’s liked for a while.

The couple first met when Liam was a contestant on The X Factor UK in 2008.

“I like you, I think you’re really cute,” Cheryl says to Liam, who gave her a wink during his performance.

According to Rollacoaster, Liam has had a crush on Cheryl since he was young.

“This is the thing. In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream. You wake up in the most beautiful places. Obviously I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s been my dream girl since I was younger. She’s so ace,” Liam told Rollacoaster.

Liam appreciates the fact that they’re both in the same industry, and after 14 years of experience, she knows exactly what he’s going through.

While he didn’t acknowledge his expected child outright, he made a nod to his future with Cheryl.

“We’re super happy. It’s a very personal, precious time for us,” Liam said.

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