Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Is Shattering Stigma Around Fertility

Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is crushing fertility stigma with one simple tweet.

When a fan tweeted at her asking if she was getting her blood drawn, she quickly answered: “Noooo I’m freezing my eggs. And giving them to Whitney and Ova to babysit.”

The influence of her tweet is twofold: the 31-year-old reality star has decided to freeze her eggs, and, even more significantly, she has decided to talk candidly about it.

We love her nonchalance. She doesn’t treat her decision like it’s headlining news nor does she shy away from the topic. Women have the right to do whatever they will with their bodies, and freezing eggs is just one way to leave the possibility of starting a biological family open without the continued pressure of a “biological clock” ticking (ugh.)

Her fiancée Shawn Booth supports her decision completely, as he should. “Always impressed by [Kaitlyn’s] strength and courage,” he captioned a recent Instagram post, “but even more so after these past few weeks! Very proud of her for taking control of our future and continuing to empower others!”

Kaitlyn then went on to tweet at a user who asked for an explanation behind her decision, saying: “I’m taking control of my future! As a woman there’s always pressure to have babies, and this puts my mind at ease for when [“I’m] ready.”

Pretty damn inspiring for a The Bachelorette star.

There aren’t many stars who have spoken out about freezing their eggs (although Bachelor in Paradise star Carly Waddell also underwent the process a year ago, due to fertility issues.) The truth is, women don’t need an excuse to freeze their eggs; it’s a healthy, normal decision for planning a family. Whatever form women decide to use to reproduce, from a surrogate to adoption to IVF treatments (to, obviously, not conceiving at all) should go un-judged, because it’s a weighty and complicated decision.

Since my utopian vision of judgment-free society where women spin around in fields à la The Sound of Music doing whatever the hell they please is probably pretty far off, it’s amazing that someone with the star power of Kaitlyn Bristowe is opening up about her decision and helping to facilitate conversation around family planning and fertility.

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