Jake Gyllenhaal Never Ever Wants To Talk About Taylor Swift Again. Like Ever.











A lot of us don’t want to talk about our exes or any past relationships that ended in pure disaster. Sometimes, we even act like the chemistry we had with someone never existed at all. But nothing triggers us more than when someone randomly brings it up out of the blue. And that’s exactly what happened to Jake Gyllenhaal during an interview with The Guardian about starring in his newest sci-fi film, Life.

Though it was an interview that was supposed to revolve solely around Gyllenhaal’s film, journalist Tim Jonze wanted more from the actor and asked whether dating singer and songwriter Taylor Swift could have been like “playing with fire.” Jonze soon realized that asking Gyllenhaal that question was a big mistake.

Jake Gyllenhaal Interview

We’re not sure how he didn’t know Jake wouldn’t take kindly to his comment. Swift wrote her hit single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” about Gyllenhaal so there are some very well-known hard feelings.

This interview is starting to look ugly already.

“I think when you’re in a relationship, you are constantly scrutinized, your friends are scrutinized, but…” Jake began before trailing off.

Jonze mentioned in his article that Gyllenhaal was giving him an intense glare and that Gyllenhaal then gave him an “exaggerated shrug.”

The journalist proceeded to stick with the Swift subject (he’s brave) and asked if Gyllenhaal listened to any of her songs that were rumored to be about him. Gyllenhaal then simply replied, “I would love to not talk about my personal life.”

Jonze wanted to be clear that he wasn’t sticking his nose into Gyllenhaal’s personal space, but to see how he’s responded to questions involving his past with the singer. When the journalist expressed that he didn’t have an interest in encroaching on Gyllenhaal’s privacy, The Donnie Darko star wasn’t persuaded and asked him, “Oh, really? You don’t?”

Oh, man.

Pushing the topic out of the way before the interview went downhill, Jonze, “through a cold smile,” told Gyllenhaal, “I would love to talk about the movie.”

This wasn’t the only moment an interviewer asked one of Swift’s exes about their relationship. In fact, actor Tom Hiddleston went through a similar situation while being interviewed by The Telegraph.

It’s only normal that someone wouldn’t want anyone bringing up their ex… like ever.

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