Paris Jackson Reveals Some Of Her Firsts On ‘The Tonight Show’


Though it can be hard to picture Paris Jackson as anything but a young girl and the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, she is now so much more than that.

Today she’s a confident, beautiful young lady with budding modeling and acting careers. Recently, Paris tested out her acting chops by starring in a guest role on the FOX show Star. Last night marked her first late-night appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show so, of course, host Jimmy Fallon invited her to share a bunch of ‘firsts.’ Paris shared that her first CD was The Lion King soundtrack and her first real concert was at her father Michael Jackson’s tour in 2001.

When talking about the first time she was starstruck, Paris gushed over rockstar Alice Cooper. “The first time was Alice Cooper, last October,” Paris said. “He played on Halloween with [Johnny Depp] and Butch Walker and I got to meet him backstage. I was sitting probably this close, like, where you are at is where he was at, and I was like, ‘I love you so much. I’ve always listened to you. I grew up loving you.’ I was close to tears. I started watering up, like, ‘Oh, my gosh!'” she said. “I’m crying thinking about it. He’s amazing.”

Paris revealed that the first concert she went to beside her father’s was a live tour of High School Musical. “The first one that I actively wanted to see was High School Musical,” she said. But beloved High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron wasn’t involved in the North American tour, which “bummed” her out. “He wasn’t there. He was filming that movie with the horses. Wasn’t he in a movie with horses or something? He was busy filming it when the tour was going on,” she said. “That was the most depressing part. He wasn’t there! I was like this heartbroken 10-year-old.”

Paris also played a hilarious game with Fallon, one that involved a pretty gross loss on the host’s part.

It’s great to see Paris out and about living her life and accomplishing so many great things at such a young age. Her father would’ve definitely been proud.

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