Meet Biden, The Cutest Pup On Capitol Hill

If there is one animal that can improve politics, it’s puppies. Meet Biden, a four-month-old golden retriever┬ánamed after former Vice President Joe Biden. Nicknamed the D.C. Dog, this little pup has been taking the capital by storm. He’s a regular on Capitol Hill and what he lacks in political knowledge, he makes up for with incredibly adorable looks.

Biden was lucky enough to meet his namesake on Wednesday morning. The pup waited for four hours to get the chance to take a pic with the original Biden. According to Buzzfeed, his owner Sydney said it was the calmest she has ever seen Biden behave. This isn’t the first political pundit that the dog has gotten to meet either. Biden was able to meet and take a picture with Oklahoma senator James Lankford. He’s even made himself at home in the Senate, looking professional in a cute bow tie collar.

We certainly could all use a fluffy companion to distract us from politics and Biden is doing a great job. Instead of politicians, we should have puppies in charge. #PuppyBiden2020, he’s got my vote.

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