Beyoncé Made This Sick High Schooler’s Dream Come True With A FaceTime Call

As usual, Beyoncé saves the day.

High school senior Ebony Banks is battling a rare form of stage four cancer. Upon diagnosis, she told friends and classmates at her high school, Alief Hastings in Houston, that her one wish was to meet Beyoncé. Then on Wednesday, her dream came true in the form of a FaceTime call.

According to ABC13, Ebony, better known to her friends as Ebob, spent most of her senior year getting treatment at MD Anderson Hospital. On March 16, her school district tried to cheer her up by putting together a graduation ceremony for her at the hospital.

Afterwards, Ebony’s friends were determined to get her a meeting with Beyoncé. They used the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCÉ to get the singer’s attention and because Queen Bey never disappoints, it worked.

~*~*Feel the feels*~*~

We’re rooting for you, Ebony!!

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