Kailyn Lowry’s Ex Javi Marroquin Has Moved On With Another MTV Star







16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry announced just last month that she’s expecting another child, making her a mother of three. But Kailyn Lowry isn’t the only one getting some attention. The spotlight has turned away from her and onto her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, who’s currently dating someone new and famous, Real World: Skeletons cast member Madison Channing Walls.

Marroquin denied rapid reports that he and Lowry, with whom he has a three-year-old son named Lincoln, were getting back together. In fact, Walls confirmed to E! News that she and Marroquin are a couple in order to break the rumors about her man and Lowry.


“Javi and I are definitely together,” Walls said. “We are definitely boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Well, there you have it. The couple actually met on social media after Walls sent Marroquin a direct message on Instagram. Fans of her show were the ones who suggested that they meet after they suggested that they would make a perfect match. Later on, they had their first date at a restaurant in Philadelphia.

“We enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and then later I had my friends come out to meet her and we all went out and danced and drank and just had a really good time,” Marroquin mentioned. “It was awesome.”

“I love that he is a gentleman,” Walls added. “And I like his core values and that he has morals and just what he stands for.”

Walls is a single mother to daughter, Harper, and the couple intends to reunite in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Harper’s father is actually Tony Raines from Real World: Skeletons, which is where how they first met. During the show, she spoke in detail about her past addiction to heroin and how it impacted her close relationships.

As a great boyfriend, Marroquin stood by his girlfriend’s side and defended her from people’s criticisms about her past through Twitter.


“Someone’s past isn’t who they are today if they’ve learned and become better,” he tweeted out.

Marroquin also had a tough past, which he molded into lessons for the future.
“I haven’t introduced Madison to Lincoln yet,” Marroquin mentioned his son. “I learned from my past mistakes where I introduced him way too early on in a relationship, so now I know better.”

“Kail knows about the relationship for sure,” he added. “I’m happy for Kail. I wish her nothing but the best and health and wellness and all of that stuff, you know? I’m here for her. We actually are in a good place and I just want health for her and the baby.”

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