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Ditch The Basic Triangle Swimsuit, Here’s Every Bikini Trend For Summer 2017


The weather is warming up, which means that swimsuit season is upon us. If you came back from your spring break and realized that your bikini was matching just about everybody else’s at the resort, we’ve got you covered. Since Victoria’s Secret announced last year that they would no longer be carrying swimwear, though PINK still does, more brands are here for your discovery, with options from Australian to American brands.

Swimsuits are the article of clothing that don’t necessarily have to match your personal style. You might wear neutral basics on the daily, but when it comes to vacation time, you can choose to wear a vibrant print, style, or color. You probably already own the classic triangle bikini, but designers have started switching up designs. From the return of the monokini to the unveiling of the under-boob, there are more than a few trends to get excited about this year.

These trends work for any destination, whether you’ll be lounging at the beach, surfing through the waves, or even tanning in your backyard. Whether your spring break is coming up or you’re preparing for your summer vacay, here are all the swimsuit trends of the season.

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