52% of Men Say They Don’t Benefit From Birth Control & The Internet is Furious

Anyone with more intelligence than the average goldfish knows the importance of accessible birth control. For the men that don’t believe in the benefits of birth control, you’re about to get schooled by the internet since you missed that lesson in health class.

According to a survey from the nonpartisan firm PerryUndem, 52% of men don’t believe that they’ve benefited from women having accessible birth control. The number is almost as frustrating as it is terrifying, especially when considering how men hold the most power in politics today.

You don’t need bedroom experience to know just how much accessible birth control has helped improve reproductive health. The use of dangerous abortion methods has decreased and rape victims were saved from bearing children without their choosing. Birth control has also helped empower women since it allowed them more control over their bodies.

Unfortunately, the GOP healthcare plan might destroy all of society’s strides towards reproductive health and female empowerment.

Twitter is no stranger to the birth control debate, but the upcoming bill is making us all nervous. Users are posting their distress on the social media site, and with good reason. This healthcare plan could wind up removing the Obamacare mandate that requires insurance companies to cover safe birth control, which can cost up to $50 per month to $1000 for intrauterine decivces (IUDs).

What I can’t understand is how men think they are so above this that they have nothing to do with reproductive health. Even though it takes two to tango, it seems like men think that it’s a woman’s fault if she gets pregnant. The lack of education on the matter is highly reflected in the fact that women’s health and reproductive rights are being decided in a room full of men.

Because men know all about female reproduction, right? These male politicians must be extremely qualified to talk about women’s health to try passing a bill about it. They must know all about the terrors of a missed period and the prayers with pregnancy tests.

In our hyper-sexualized society, it’s getting harder and harder for women to have a say in their own rights. The fact that women’s health is so looked down upon and taken for granted is incredibly frustrating and terrifying.

This isn’t how you make America great again. This is how you destroy it.

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