There Are Now High Heels For Babies & It’s Slightly Disturbing

Despite how sexy and attractive heels are, they’re honestly a pain. I didn’t start wearing heels until I hit 15 years old because my mother believed I needed to be at the right age to start walking in them. Everyone stumbles in them the first few times and gets a blister or two, but after getting used to them, you start slaying your surroundings while strutting in five-inch pumps.

Now, even babies can start pulling off the sky-high heels. Yes, someone out there came up with the idea of creating pumps made just for babies. You heard it here, there are stilettos for infants that don’t even walk yet. The company is called Pee Wee Pumps and the designs for these baby heels are endless. The brand supplies a wide variety of colors and styles so that you can easily find the perfect match for your baby’s outfit.

“The flexible soft shoe will form to your daughter’s foot, whether it’s narrow or wide, while its adjustable strap allows the shoe to stay on and provides a comfortable fit,” the brand wrote on their website. “But we also have six different colors and patterns for fashion savvy moms looking for shoes to match all of their baby girl’s outfits.”

It’s hard to believe that babies need a pair of heels and not to mention that the size of these pumps is actually pretty intense. Supposedly the company is doing well because they promise to be “adding more styles to the shop.” I’ll keep this brand in mind in case I want my baby to slay everyone else’s baby… But these definitely won’t be on for any first steps.

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