Woman Blasts Person Who Stole Her Facebook Photos To Get Dates

We’ve all seen Catfish — the guy thinks that he’s actually talking to a legit model when really, it’s his former best friend’s little brother pulling a prank on him. It never ceases to horrify me how gullible these people are or how blinded they are despite the major red flags, but something else always bothers me — what happens to the people who get their photos stolen.

Makaia Carr is familiar with the latter, and she didn’t stand for it. The New Zealand fitness blogger and mother found out that a stranger had stolen her photos on social media and pretended to be her for seven years. The woman — who remains unnamed but is from Auckland — used the pictures to strike up a relationship with an American boxer. In mid-2016, he realized she was catfishing him after he found out that the name she had given wasn’t the person in the photos she was sending.

He then contacted Carr to let her know what was happening along with a bunch of texts for evidence:

Later Carr blasted the unknown woman on her own Facebook page.

“I was contacted by a guy in America today who thought he was talking to me online for well over a year and forming a relationship,” she wrote. “He started to suspect something late last year and found out there was a woman in Auckland pretending to be me. She was using photos from my social media channels and making weird stuff up, even pics of my friends, giving them all names etc.”

“It has been quite an emotional roller coaster,” she told Daily Mail. “It has given me a little bit of fear online, and you start to second guess what you do on social media.”

Since the incident, Carr changed her social media settings to private except for her public work-related accounts. Better safe than sorry.

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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