#UberBae Discovered Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her In The Wildest Way Possible

There are tons of stories about someone finding out that their partner is cheating on them but this one takes the cake.

A Florida Uber driver was doing her job as she picked up a female passenger from the airport. Later on, the driver noticed where she was taking the passenger… when she dropped her off right in front of her own boyfriend’s front door.

Identifying herself as ‘Bree,’ the driver put her shocking (and hilarious) story, including the confrontation with her cheating boyfriend, all on Twitter on March 27. Her tweets quickly went viral and Twitter users gave her the nickname “UberBae.” Eventually, #UberBae was trending, giving her even more attention.

“I’ve talked about my ex-boyfriend in the past, but nobody’s really paid attention, so I just thought, ‘This time, nobody’s really gonna pay attention to this,’ and that’s what happened,” Bree told Complex.

The 24-year-old’s tweet that became huge was, “So I drive for uber why I just pick this girl up and drop her off to a d*** appointment and the d*** appointment was my mans house.” [sic]

Her tweet was liked more than 64,000 times and retweeted 35,000 times.


Bree even mentioned that she’d stayed over at her boyfriend’s apartment the night before because he was going to fly to New York to see his mother, who was in the hospital.

“He had luggage packed an [sic] everything,” she tweeted, followed by, “he got in his car I got in mine he drove off like he was going to the airport.”

Only a few hours later, Bree got a notification from Uber saying to collect a passenger from the airport. Shortly after the passenger put the drop-off address into the GPS, the woman was casually listening to music and began chatting.

“She said she’s here to visit her boyfriend and she’s so excited, she hasn’t seen him in forever blah blah blah I’m relating I’m like yeah my man just left out of town,” Bree tweeted. “Anyways fast forward to us pulling up to the gate at the apartment complex I’m like my boyfriend lives out here.”

In the midst of driving through the complex, and “counting the building numbers,” she tweeted, “my stomach starts to drop as we closer to a familiar building and I see his car outside.”


Then, literal chaos broke out the second her boyfriend stepped out of the building.

“His ass come out the house ready to assist with luggage AND THE DEVIL ROSE UP OUT OF ME LIKE ARE YOU DEAD ASS RIGHT NOW,” Bree tweeted.

He then ran.

Bree mentioned that she jumped right out of her car and chased her cheating boyfriend and eventually caught up to him, hitting him relentlessly.

“He was gone leave her outside with me too lol sad,” Bree continued to tweet.

Then the female passenger attempted to hit Bree “to protect ‘our man.'”

After a moment of both women attacking each other, their boyfriend tried separating the two. But Bree grew tired and slowly returned back to her car and drove off… with the woman’s luggage locked in the trunk of her car.


“She willing to wear the same outfit for god knows how long to protect her man,” Bree tweeted, while also noting, “this is the reason I now have new luggage.”

Bree even texted her ex-boyfriend photos of her wearing the woman’s sunglasses and debated whether or not to call Plato’s Closet, a consignment store, to empty out the luggage. “I’d probably get more than that dam fare,” she tweeted before admitting that she turned everything over to the cops.

“She called the police,” Bree wrote, continuing to update Twitter with the latest.

“There is a police report filed,” Bree confirmed to Complex. “So, what I told them, ’cause she has no proof that I have her things, was ‘I do believe somebody left something in my car when they came to my job,’ and it was a bag. A trash bag, basically, is what I gave them. Her luggage — what luggage?”

Fortunately for Bree, the other woman hasn’t pressed any charges, she only filed a complaint. “But she can’t press charges against me! She charged at me first. That apartment complex has, like, heavy cameras to see that,” Bree said.

However, the incident damaged her Uber driving career because the other woman gave her a one-star rating.

“I guess they asked her what happened,” Bree said. “She filed a complaint against me. She’s supposed to be sending them a police report saying I stole her things and a whole bunch of stuff. So, until this is all — they said I need to start answering in order to get back on the road to start earning money. They shut me down.”

She told Complex that Uber was just a side job, while her regular job is working as an auditor at a corporation.

“I had gotten accepted on Uber a month ago,” Bree mentioned. “I had just tried it for the last two days like, on some, ‘Let me see what this is about. I have the app, I’m in the car. Why not? My man’s away. Let me do it.'”

After going viral, the only downside of all the attention, she said, was that her family found out about what happened.

“I didn’t want my parents to find out. That’s number one. And then, the people at the church found out,” Bree told Complex. “They were really upset.”

Bree added, “My brother, he was like, ‘Could you — you need to delete this before somebody else finds out.’ I was like, it’s already too late. My mom is like an avid Facebook user and I guess [it got] reposted and she saw it.”


Will she ever forgive and forget about the whole incident? She put the cherry on top of the whole situation by giving her last and final tweet, “By the way I am single now.”

You go, #UberBae!

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