Coastal Carolina Cheer Team Suspended Over Alleged Prostitution Scandal

Coastal Carolina’s cheerleading team was suspended this week after several members were accused of prostitution.

The team was suspended after an anonymous letter was mailed to University President Dave DeCenzo, alleging that the cheerleaders were engaging in “a long list of things” including prostitution, buying alcohol for minors and paying others to do their homework.

After Wednesday night’s practice, police officers met with the team and took individual members back to their station for questioning.

“At this time, the CCU Department of Public Safety is conducting the investigation. There are currently no incident reports pertaining to this investigation,” Coastal Carolina Associate Vice President of University Communications Martha Hunn said in an email to The New York Daily News. Hunn did not confirm or deny the existence of the letter, or mention if the team as a whole was involved in the scandal.

Since the investigation started, the cheerleading section on the school’s website has been taken down.