Happy April Fool’s Day! The Best Of The Internet On The Worst Holiday

Okay, so everyone knows that April Fool’s Day is a trash holiday invented to make it so you trust everyone around you even less than unusual.

Still, because the Internet was born for this, I feel obligated to round up some of the best tricksters and wannabe-tricksters for your perusal.

This savage spelling test deliverer:

Anna Kendrick’s worries:

Rebel Wilson’s fake injury, which is not a burrito:

This, which I would legitimately buy, so I do not stand for this joke.

Gigi Hadid‘s fake hair chop (she could only keep up this prank for an hour):


Conan O’Brien’s dark musings:

George Takei’s “presidential run:”

Lex Luther’s Smallville revival (which is not a good joke because this would have been epic):

Happy to announce I will be putting on the bald cap again folks! Finally doing a #smallville movie.Will the real Lex Luthor please stand up?

Posted by Michael Rosenbaum on Saturday, April 1, 2017

Amazon Echo’s mediocre joke:


Emirates’ slightly-better-than-mediocre joke:

Michael Phelps’ comeback no one wanted:

Katheryn Winnick being straight-up rude:

Don’t leave your dorms today. Stay safe. Trust no one.

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