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Most People Would Rather Hang With Their Cat Than Their S.O., New Study Finds


I don’t have a cat, but my sister has two. They’re brother and sister. They’re precious fur ball burritos of fluff and when they snuggle together, I forget what I just read on the news, I forget the bleak and ephemeral nature of life, I forget the article I was in the midst of writing, and all I can do is stare at them, overcome with a love so deep and true I feel nothing but grateful for their presence in my life.

One new survey supports my adoration (See? It’s normal), finding that 64% of cat owners would rather spend time with their cat than their partner.

The poll, taken by National Today, found that out of 1,000 cat owners surveyed, 64% would rather snuggle their cat than a partner.

37% surveyed said their cat “gets” them, and a full 80% feel they understand what their cat is trying to communicate with them. (Hint: they’re hungry.)

We all know that Taylor Swift would agree. After all, significant others come and go, but cats will never abandon you.

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