This Bad-Ass Teen Shut Down Trolls Who Mocked Her Armpit Hair On Twitter

A woman opting to shave (or refrain from shaving) her armpits, legs, or bikini line is a personal and entirely valid decision.

Still, that doesn’t stop people from popping out of the woodwork to share their opinions on said woman’s body like an inescapable, never-ending game of Whack-a-mole from hell.

17-year-old college student and artist Lalonie Davis discovered just how cruel people can be when she posted a photo flaunting her armpit hair on Instagram, and shared the post to Twitter.

“What I do with my body is my choice,” Davis¬†wrote in the original post. “You are lame af if you take time out of your day to police someone’s body.”

Honestly, I’m much more distracted by her stunning make-up.

Still, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, shame they did. She received hundreds of comments in response to the post, calling her “gross,” “disgusting,” “lazy,” and flat-out suggesting that she kill herself.

Which, you know, is a really appropriate response to a confident teenager posting a selfie.

Davis¬†wrote another post in response to the backlash, asking why she received more than 200 negative tweets, and reaffirming: “Never did I ever say that all women should shave their armpits, never did I say that I hate men, I’m simply doing what I want with my body.”

Of course, this didn’t result in solely positive comments either, with one user saying: “You’re still gross.”

The decision to shave or wax your body is entirely up to you, and any judgment one way or the other is totally inappropriate.

It’s pretty epic that Davis has the courage and the (gasp!) audacity to be herself despite the backlash she received. Hopefully strong and empowering teens like Davis represent our future.

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